This site came about as an alternative to DNSSTUFF when they morphed to a paid service. I have tried to provide tools that assist system administrators, network administrators and the internet on a whole to help solve any DNS, IP, mail and network problems.

Why did i start to create my own tools when there are comparable sites to I have searched the internet and found alternatives to but they did not provide quick lookups, clean, informative results that provides a good alternative to

Fixyourip uses all the basic network tools available to provide fast, accurate, clean informative results.

Fixyourip will provide the following

  1. Online IP tools
  2. Online DNS tools
  3. Online Web tools
  4. Malware Detection tools
  5. Spam database lookup
  6. Real Time blacklist lookup
  7. Abuse contact for a domain
  8. Abuse contact for a IP Address
  9. IP Information
  10. IP Owner
  11. Who host that site information
  12. Web information -page rank, server used etc.

Fixyourip is an free alternative to that strives to be accurate, informative and fast.

If you have an idea for a new tool or have a problem with the site please email

IP Tools
SSL Tools
General Tools
IP Owner
Whois Lookup (IP or Domain)
DNS Lookup - Lookup A, MX, SOA, txt, cname

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Online network reports IP owner, certificates, routing lookup, RBL lookup, Scan IP, web certificate, mail server certificate
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